This is Eius

We know as beautiful as motherhood can be, it can also be a little scary. Your life is going to change, and receiving quality care before, during, and after pregnancy is vital. we would be honored to be a part of your motherhood journey, helping to ensure that your little one (and you!) get off to an outstanding start.

For our ancestral mothers, strong, wise, caring, loving;
connected with all things, the first creators.
For every woman looking for connection, a voice, a community. 
For every woman full of life and ready to shine.

For them, for me, for you, for US

This is eius

Baby and mother

Our Founder

Meet Lee

Hi, I’m Lee! I’m a mother, a wife, and the founder of Eius.

During my second pregnancy with our twins, I struggled to find a prenatal vitamin that worked for me. I suffered a lot of side effects due to my sensitive stomach and had issues with absorption. 

I was so cautious when making all other decisions around my pregnancy, the cleaning products we used, my beauty products, the food I ate, but when it came to deciding on a prenatal… I was confused. 

So, after the fog lifted and I started to juggle my new normal, as a mother of three, I decided I wanted to make the prenatal I longed for… Eius was born.

I have spent close to two years working with some brilliant, dedicated individuals, developing my ideal prenatal, designed to reduce sensitivity and optimise absorption: the result, Eius Prenatal AM and PM. 

I created Eius with the purpose of reconnecting women with their bodies and the life that grows within through a gentle, conscious, and kind approach to health.

Eius has evolved into much more than a prenatal; it’s a community facing motherhood together, health and heart, hand in hand. 

Welcome, to our community.


Brand pillars

Our Vision

Conscious, Aware, Balanced, Interconnected


Brand pillars

Our Vision

Conscious, Aware, Balanced, Interconnected