Preparing for pregnancy

Preparing for pregnancy

There are a number of things you can do to prepare for pregnancy. Here are the basics:

Visit your healthcare professional

If you are planning to conceive, it is a good idea to visit your healthcare professional. There are several things that your doctor may suggest checking in advance, including looking at your current medications and supplements, vaccinations, blood tests, and your general health, including your age, lifestyle, and weight. It is also an excellent time to talk to your healthcare professional about your and your partner's family medical history. 

Start taking your pregnancy supplements 

Early pregnancy is a critical time, as vital organ development takes place in the first trimester. To ensure your body is ready to support this crucial period, we recommend starting Eius Prenatal AM and PM at least one month prior to falling pregnant, giving your body time to reach the new nutritional status required of your body for pregnancy. 

Track your ovulation

Ovulation is the time in a woman's menstrual cycle when an egg is released from the ovary and available to be fertilised. Once the eggs are released from the ovary, there is around a 12 – 24-hour period to be fertilised. 

Understanding your ovulation cycle can improve your chances of falling pregnant. Here's a link to IVF Australia's ovulation calculator:

A Healthy Balanced Diet

Ensure you are eating a healthy balanced diet, full of fresh fruit and vegetables. Ensuring you are as healthy as possible when starting your new family. 

Lifestyle Choices 

It is best to quit smoking and avoid alcohol and any other drugs entirely while trying to fall pregnant and throughout your pregnancy and breastfeeding. Now's also an excellent time to start minimising your caffeine intake.


Regular exercise will give your body the best chance of falling pregnant and help your body deal with the changes that it will go through during pregnancy and labor. 

Check your health cover 

Do you have a private health fund and intend on using it during pregnancy? If so, check with your provider to see what's covered. 

Check your maternity leave conditions 

Check with your employers to find out about your maternity and paternity leave entitlements. The Australian Government has several financial benefits concerning paid maternity and paternity leave and Family Tax benefits; check to see what you are entitled to receive.

Reduce stress, rest, and relax 

Reducing your stress levels, trying to rest and relax will help you along your journey to pregnancy. 

Best of luck on your journey xxx